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Each year, thousands of motorists and big rig drivers are killed or catastrophically injured in accidents involving trucks and tractor trailers. Often, negligent operation or other unsafe practices of these big vehicle drivers and/or trucking companies are a contributing or the only causative factor for these accidents. Semi-truck drivers and the companies they work for have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. Unsafe driving, oversized loads and various other treacherous practices put the public and the truck operators in danger. You should consider contacting an experienced truck accident attorney.

Large trucks – trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds – represent only 3% of all registered vehicles on the road in the United States, yet they account for over 25% of the deaths in multiple vehicle traffic accidents and 98% of those killed or injured in trucking accidents will not be truck drivers.

Here are some alarming statistics:

·         EVERY 16 MINUTES OF EVERY DAY , one person in the United States will be injured or killed in a truck-related accident;

·         Over 450,000 large trucks were involved in crashes last year;

·         Over 1,000,000 people were involved in these crushes;

·         Over 5,000 people were killed;

·         Over 140,000 people were injured;

·         One third of the injured suffered catastrophic damage.


Call (205) 552-9228 for a free consultation and case assessment.