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Let an experienced car accident attorney work for you. 
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Rear-end car collisions happen with more frequency than most any other types of collisions.   It may be that the other driver is talking on their cellular phone and not paying attention or they were distracted by someone in the car.  Perhaps they were drinking alcohol and failed to react to the car in front of them. Regardless of the reason, the driver was not paying attention to where they were traveling.  It may have been the same in an accident you or a loved one has been in recently.


While the cause of a rear-end car accident may seem fairly simple, from a legal standpoint they could be complex.  Issues of fault can often be complicated by the timing of when a person acted  and which laws governed the particular situation. At a trial, you will have to prove that the driver breached a duty of care to you and that the breach caused your damages. The assistance of an experience car accident attorney can be very valuable throughout the claims and litigation process.


Most importantly, do you really know what is the value of your case?  What are your damages?  What are you legally permitted to recover?  Contact the Gels Law Firm  at (205) 552-9228 for a free assessment of your rear-end car accident.



Call (205) 552-9228 for a free consultation and case assessment.