The Gels Law Firm (3/06/12)

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The Gels Law Firm is committed to providing quality legal services.  When we present a case for trial it is important that we receive feedback from jurors or potential jurors.  Additionally, in keeping with our high standards for client satisfaction we would appreciate feedback concerning our service to our clients.  The purpose of this short survey is to assist in providing the best possible legal service to our clients and the community.  Your opinion is very important to us.


Did the attorney from this firm present himself or herself in a professional manner?
What part of the trial proceess did you find most useful in reaching a conclusion?  For Clients what part of the litigation process did you find the most beneficial in resolving your case?
Did the attorney treat the other parties (jurors included) with respect and dignity?
How likely are you to recommend this attorney to others in need of legal advice?
If you could share anything else with the attorney, what would it be?


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.