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Emergency/Accident Kit 


We recommend you secure a Emergency/Accident Kit inside your vehicle in case you have an accident.  Simply secure the following items in a large (gallon size) ziplock bag:



1.      Emergency numbers:  local police; your family doctors, hospital of your choice, family numbers, etc.


2.      Gels Law Top Ten ListThe top ten things to do if you are in an accident.  In the event you are in an accident this list may greatly help you in your recovery.


3.  Disposable Camera- (or many mobile/cellular telephones are equipped with cameras).


4.  Small first aid kit:  You can purchase a small first aid kit or simply include some items such as bandages, ointments, etc. 


Additionally, you may want to have available the following items in case of a flat tire or car trouble:


5.  Mobile/cellular Telephone:  For safety we recommend always carrying a mobile telephone.


6.  Basic tools:  jumper cables, screw driver, pliers, an adjustable wrench.


7.  A shovel.


8.  Blankets.


We hope you never have an emergency or an accident, but it is best to be prepared.   If you need an experience attorney please contact the Gels Law Firm at (205) 552-9228.


Click here to obtain a printable version of the Accident kit:


Accident Kit

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